Alberta Treasury Branches Agency

Gleichen has been home to an ATB Agency for nearly 20 year, for the last 10 of those years it has been located in the BCI building. The agency is open from 10am till 3pm Mondays and Fridays. If either of those is a stat holiday then the Agency is open the Tuesday or Thursday instead.

In 2013 ATB is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary¬† of serving Albertans. On the 27th of September 1938 ATB opened it’s first branch in Rocky Mountain House. Also two agencies opened in Carbon and Chipman. Even then in the darkest days of the great depression ATB made it a commitment to put people first by offering the highest quality customer service and expertise. Now 75 years later, they have been able to maintain that same level of dedication and have grown to the largest Alberta based financial institution. A network of 171 branches, 130 agencies daily provide face to face financial services to 635,000 people


On the 27th of September 2013 drop into the Gleichen Agency for customer appreciation day and join us for cupcakes.

ATB will be presenting a donation of $500 to the Gleichen library for early literacy programs.


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