Slim Moorehouse record wagon pull.

In 1925 Slim Moorehouse ran a record 36 head of horse and 10 wagons loaded with Gleichen Marquis wheat into the Calgary Stampede. The world record he set was because the length of the hitch was 350 feet long and 1,477 bushels of wheat

This year (2016) on July 1st Hitchmasters will be re-enacting this historic event. Neil Dimmock will be running the 36 horse team.

On July 1st they will be having an open house in Gleichen to show off the team and wagons. A professional documentary team will be documenting the event and they are in talks with both History Channel and Discovery to air it.

If you would like to sponsor this event they are looking for help with the cost, or if you would like to donate meals to the crew that would also be appreciated.

Neil Dimmock can be contacted via

The website for the event is