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Mark Flebotte

Please contact Mark if you would like your community group to be listed on the Gleichen community webpage.

Lately I have had a lot of people contacting me so I’m setting some new ground rules about contacting me.


If you are a law firm trying to get ownership info on a property in town – Contact the Municipal government –

If you have a question about your municipal taxes, water bill or a bylaw complaint – Contact the Municipal government –

If you are with the CRA wanting to put a lien against someone’s property – Contact the Municipal government –

If you are contacting me about anything to do with the Siksika Nation you really should contact them directly, I have no jurisdiction –  – This includes zoning info; development permits; stray animals; and requests for environmental assessments.

If you want a development permit in Gleichen, or you want a building permit, or a burn permit, or you want to sell a service to the local government – Contact the Municipal government –

If you work for Strathmore Florist and your too lazy to go on line and look up someones phone number yourself, but you do have the time to send me emails demanding I look it up for you. Especially after I point out the group in question is part of the Siksika government and then you get pissy that I won’t phone on your behalf and get the number for you. I’d suggest you try this website instead


All of the above are items I have been contacted about in the last 6 months through that email address. So I guess the above bit about it being for getting your group listed wasn’t clear enough. Sorry but I get on average 5-6 emails a week from people who should be contacting the local government. Worse from my perspective is it puts me in a bad position because often the law firms (and yes the one CRA contact) listed who they were going after. I don’t want to know those things and it’s completely unethical for them to tell me since I am not the local government. I’m just a guy keeping the local history alive.