CBV Parent advisory meeting

On April 2nd at 5PM the Central Bow Valley Parent Advisory group will be welcoming the community to attend their meeting to discuss any concerns the community may have regarding the planned closure of CBV once the new consolidated school is built.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    As a member of the executive of the parent advisory, I would like to say that nothing regarding East wheatland was brought up at our meeting. This is a matter that is in the Golden Hills board of trustees hands. Over the last six months the board has gotten community feedback and 80% of the people who chose to give their input have decided that a new stand alone consolidated school is the only viable option to continue to give our youth the best education possible. I would also like to add that the paret advisory did not provide our input as a group. We each responded to the surveys put forth seperatly according to our own families needs and views.

  2. mark says:

    A poll, to be legal under the Alberta government rules must have a method to ensure that no one votes multiple times; only those who are eligible vote; there has to be a way to confirm that those who vote are who they say they are and that everyone eligible knows about the poll and had the opportunity to vote.

    An online poll does not meet these methods, as it was done in this case. Anyone even those outside the County or Province could have followed the link and voted. Secondly there was no way to double check that someone who voted was who or what they said they were or that they only voted once.

    Kathryn, I’ll let you have your say back then I will lock this from further posting. I’m doing this because:
    a) My post was intended to be a list of an upcoming event without being biased.
    b) The notice sent home said to come and ask questions about the issue and I used the school notice from the parent committee to write the notice.
    c) I intended this board to be free for everyone in the community to use and feel they have the ability to use without fear of prejudice by those running it. So I posted the notice to not start a fight but to re-post the school notice. Hence why I refrained from commenting on the issue anywhere on this board.
    d) Since I didn’t want this to become a fight board and obviously both of us are passionate on this issue I’m letting you give your side of the argument. I may disagree with you but I will fight to make sure you have the right to speak your side.
    e) All of that said I decided to approve your comment even though I know that by doing so I am going away from the original intent of the board to be a place to post notices, simply because I didn’t want to give the impression I was silencing you as everyone has a right to be heard.
    f) If any committee that is associated with this community tells me when they have their meetings I will put up the notices on the board for all to see. Also if any committee wants to have there group listed under the community tab above they are free to send me the text they want (a digital format makes my life easier) and I will put it up.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Thank you mark for your input. Also thank you for offering this website a place to post upcoming events. Although we ask that you refrain from posting such events until one of our members has contacted you with the excact details and or agenda. The April second meeting was not scheduled to disscus any kind if school closure. The parent advisory does not make that decision, any questions regarding this would have been directed to our board of trustees after we provided as much information on the subjects that is currently available. We would also like to ask that anyone interested in coming to our meetings, please do not hesitate. We are in need of new members and would love to receive input on new fundraising ideas and extra curricular activities for our student to utilize.

    It is very important that everyone know that without a parent advisory none of the things that you hold enjoys outside of teacher taught subjects would be possible. Our parent advisory provides all hot lunches, all arts programs and extra curricular activities. We also provide such things as new gym equipment and the active boards and iPads that the students have now. As one of very few parent volunteers I find it very upsetting that we do not have more community members involved in our school on a volunteer bases. Currently our students do not utilize our library because we have no staff to check out books for them ( that is how stretched our staff time is) as a parent advisory it is up to us to find volunteers to do this, as well a other areas at school. Unfortunatly I find that myself and the other three members of the advisory board are the only ones to step up an take on these much needed volunteer positions.

    This is yet another reason I personally feel a central school with all four communities involved would benefit our youth, more people = more parent support in the school, which sadly our school is lacking.

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