Events – getting them posted

Just to clarify a question someone asked me the other day on having events put up on the webpage.

1) I tried to have it so anyone could add an event to the page, but that lead to 43 spam messages/posts in a day mostly for ED cures and such. So I had to put the security back on. Sorry but that’s the world we live in.

2) It’s free, any group wanting their event published can either reply to the events posts (this one) and it will end up on the website or send me the info and I’ll add it up. No cost.

3) I won’t be “selecting” which groups can have events up and which can not but there are a few rules.

a) It has to be local. So no I won’t put up info on the Olympics.

b) It has to be public. You can charge to attend but it has to be inclusive; so you can’t say we will only allow men who are bald to attend or no blondes allowed. The exception to this is age, if it’s no minors that’s fine or just for kids or just seniors. Obviously some events by there nature will be non-inclusive IE a church picnic; or the lionette’s – that is ok.

c) The event info has to be G rated, and the event can not be anything that is illegal. So no I won’t put up event info for a course on cheating on your taxes.

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